I Am Love

I Am Love review

I Am Love is an olive, stilton, salty liquorice, oyster chowder; an acquired taste and a serious mistake could be made reading the largely doting reviews. A moody foreign language film? With beautiful, marginally pretentious cinematography? A slice-of-life drama (albeit a particularly eventful slice) eschewing traditional plot structure? This is many an intellectual cineaste’s wet dream. But my sheets don’t need changing. Maybe I need to take Viagra with my cocoa.

It certainly looks nice and Tilda Swinton is, as always, fantastic, possibly at her best. The whole cast is especially impressive, come to that; although an alien aristocratic world, the characters sucked me right in to it. But I’m not sure I really wanted to be there. The typical European cinema pace is slow and events are largely uninteresting. But then I’m not too keen on chowder.

3 out of 5

26th Apr 2010 | Official site | On IMDb