Dogtooth review

Apparently, “Greece has a long and rich cinematic history.” Well pickle my olives and call me Zorba. It’s good to hear Greece is rich in something.

However familiar you are with Greek cinema, Dogtooth is certainly recognisable as Greek tragedy; dark, twisted and captivating. Nutjob parents raise their three kids cooped up in a house with zero exposure to the outside world. Headbands are exchanged for cunnilingus, hammers are taken to limbs, cats are graphically slaughtered and siblings have sex with each other. But alongside these disturbing events is abundant hilarity rising from madcap scenarios ranging from substitute meanings for problematic words and unique dance routines to spear-fishing for shop-bought fish in a swimming pool.

We are given very few clues as to why such a situation arose in the first place and there are plenty more questions left to answer once the movie ends. Hell, we aren’t even given any of the family members’ names. It all adds to the intrigue and although “thought-provoking” isn’t wholly accurate, this off-the-wall original sticks in the mind and evokes a range of emotions, not all of which are particularly comfortable. And that’s a wonderful thing.

4 out of 5

29th Apr 2010 | Official site | On IMDb