Losers of 2009: Brit Flicks

Losers of 2009: Brit Flicks

Utilising a fuzzy form of intelligence and foresight, various apparent by-numbers romcoms and the likes of Lesbian Vampire Killers were avoided. But, somehow, a handful of duds slipped through the cracks. While Slumdog and Moon proudly flew the flag for British film, a trio of Brit flicks allied to provide the least pleasurable filmgoing experiences of the year.

First up, Doghouse, a gamble. That didn’t pay off. But at least it didn’t pretend to be anything other than an incredibly dumb film.

New Town Killers, on the other hand, took itself way too seriously. Apparently it gained a release in 2009, although it went largely unnoticed, thankfully. Poor in almost every conceivable way, the flimsy existential thriller failed abysmally to live up to its intellectual aspirations.

Winning the pyrite medal, though, is the worst, most shameful, painful film of the year. Ladies and gentlemen, Richard “I used to write good” Curtis gives you… The Boat That Rocked. The steaming mound of disjointed rubbish left me feeling dirty, questioning the state of the film industry in the UK and fundamentally ashamed to be British. World, please forgive us.

1st Jan 2010