Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity review

Hey, lookie, 10 years after The Blair Witch Project, another “scary,” “gritty,” camcorder-shot, bugger-all-budget “horror” flick. Whoopie! But, “Hey…” I hear you cry, “…does it live up to the insane hype?”


The unoriginal, unsophisticated excuse for a plot is a big bag of bollocks. A ghosty demony thing, the hero, gradually intensifies his fucking about with a vapid couple. We start with a bump. Then a door moves. A little bit. More bumps. More creaks. Some footprints. Things get smashed. A bit of physical interference. And then a big ending. It’s fucking boring. For want of a more eloquent phrase.

So it’s not great. It was cheap to make and there’s no escaping that the final product looks and feels cheap but real kudos for putting it together for $15,000 and subsequently grossing over $100m; that’s quite clever. The film’s certainly a curio. And a producer’s wet dream.

2 out of 5

30th Nov 2009 | Official site | On IMDb