An Education

An Education review

I hate to be boring, but, like every other review of An Education, there really is just one point of focus, an almighty stand-out aspect; leading lady Carey Mulligan.

Her aside, the film is OK - well made, well written, vaguely interesting, but there I go talking about the things that don’t really matter. Mulligan’s performance is absorbing, charming, utterly convincing and second only to Kate Winslett’s efforts earlier in the year. The Brits are doing well.

The rest of the cast is hit and miss - supports are largely good but I can’t help but think the whole thing would be more powerful with a different leading man. But, gah, there I go again; it’s not really that important. If Mulligan can continue to deliver performances of this calibre then the future is bright, for her, for the films she’s in and, ultimately, for us.

What was the name of the film again? A Mulligan? Directed by Carey Mulligan? And didn’t she also write it? And design the sets? And operate the boom?

Score out of five: Carey Mulligan.

3 out of 5

7th Nov 2009 | Official site | On IMDb