Up In The Air

Up In The Air review

Jason Reitman is really making a name for himself as a director of quality, intelligent, quirky, not to mention commercially successful, comedy. After Thank You For Not Smoking and the brilliant Juno comes Up In The Air with a bigger budget, a bigger star, and bigger expectations.

Like his previous films, UITA has been cleverly cast and features very impressive acting performances. George “Cary Grant mk.2” Clooney is a consistent, versatile actor but he shines most brightly in comedic roles, here, perhaps, at his best, without a Coen Brother in sight. He is joined by a superb cast and the three leads interact with truly convincing chemistry.

Although there is some great dialogue and very funny one-liners the film hits a stumbling block at the story level. The characters’ extreme professions are original but they are crude devices used to push the story towards a conclusion that is evident from the get-go.

Up In The Air is a good film with many merits but, at the same time as being hard to dislike, it is also hard to get particularly excited about.

Shown at the London Film Festival. Currently due for general release 15th January.

3 out of 5

22nd Oct 2009 | Official site | On IMDb