Up review

Over 4 months after its American release, the UK is finally graced with Pixar’s latest feature. Their films are one of the safest bets of the year for your cinema ticket money and even for those who know all about it by now, Up is still attractive and, as it turns out, is not only a safe bet, but a runaway winner.

Largely thanks to Pixar spoiling us over the years (still noticeably more so than Dreamworks), quality animation is now a given and although decreasingly a talking point in itself, it remains remarkable with amazing attention to the smallest of details.

But it is the highly original concept, fantastic mix of oddball characters and thoroughly engaging, mature story that win the day for Up and firmly establish it as one of their very best. It is surely no coincidence that the film’s development was lead by Pete Docter who directed arguably the best, and certainly most original and conceptually challenging, of all Pixar movies, Monsters, Inc.

5 out of 5

11th Oct 2009 | Official site | On IMDb


Loved up very much indeed. Cried like a baby. Monsters Inc is great but I'd plump for The Incredibles as their best.

The Incredible Suit, 20th Oct 2009