The Portuguese Nun

The Portuguese Nun review

With film festivals come a healthy dose of arty oddities that tend to appeal to the tiniest population of hoity-toity cinephiles. Hello, The Portuguese Nun.

I’m cautious to call it pretentious. It could well be but giving it the benefit of the doubt director Eugene Green has tried something different, which is commendable, it’s just that it doesn’t work as an interesting, entertaining or discernibly quality film. I take that back; it’s interesting in so far as trying to figure out what the hell the filmmaker is trying to achieve.

The slow, minimal film revolves around the pathetic lives of a handful of dull, cardboard characters over a few weeks (or is it days? I can’t remember and I don’t care) in Lisbon. There are some positives. It looks nice. Sometimes.

Maybe I’m missing some almighty intellectual relevance and if I am too na├»ve to get it or too mainstream to enjoy it, then so be it.

Showing at the London Film Festival on 23rd and 24th October.

2 out of 5

14th Oct 2009 | On IMDb