Surrogates review

Oh, Sci-Fi, you’ve been doing so well this year: Timecrimes, Star Trek, Moon, District 9. Did you just have an off-day when it came to Surrogates?

A clunky, obvious story isn’t helped by a lack of detail in the design and mediocre special effects. A canny, spoiled audience demands much more sophistication nowadays, especially in an apparent bubblegum big-budget blockbuster. Frankly, both the film’s concept and execution feel ten years out of date.

A number of unintentionally comical elements provide some entertainment: robots that bear an uncanny resemblance to Mars Attacks aliens, soldiers who appear to be closely related to Red Dwarf’s Kryten, and the side-parting in Bruce Willis’ hilarious blonde wig.

Although it feels like the filmmakers haven’t cared for their baby as much as they should, maybe we should hold back on giving the NSPCC a call. Maybe Surrogates is more suited to a younger audience. A younger audience that isn’t particularly demanding. And enjoy men in blonde wigs.

2 out of 5

2nd Oct 2009 | Official site | On IMDb