Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox review

As with all Wes Anderson films, Fantastic Mr. Fox has few laugh-out-loud moments but many giggle-inducing quirky moments. Quirky is the key and, like the retro stop-motion animation, Anderson’s unique style, as prevalent here as it is in live action, is very Marmite.

Playing Guess the Celebrity is a lot of fun, whatever your tastes, though. George Clooney and Meryl Streep are more than suitably accompanied by some familiar Wes Anderson cohorts and some great special guests as well as commendable relative unknowns. The characters are rich and fun with Michael Gambon’s Franklin Bean making a particularly strong impact.

Annoyingly, the story is incongruous with, effectively, three very separate parts; Mr. Fox steals stuff, Mr. Fox gets chased, Mr. Fox rescues a family member. The transitions could have been a little smoother and a more concrete central arc would have been welcomed.

Love or hate Fantastic Mr. Fox, it is, at least, refreshing to see a high-profile alternative to in vogue computer generated animation. A commercially successful Mr. Fox could open the doors to more experimental animated tales and that’s no bad thing.

4 out of 5

28th Oct 2009 | Official site | On IMDb


So, The Fantastic Mr Fox.

The first few minutes saw me trying to come to terms with the animation style. Such a different, older approach to anything that has been on the big screen recently. But after my head settled down, I couldn't stop grinning. The film is a total joy right the way through from voice acting to story line - which I was unfamliar with - and not to mention the cinematography (do you still call it that for a stop-motion animation?). It gets better and more creative as it goes on. I'm enjoyed some Wes Anderson films and others not do much. But this was great.

For me, film of the year is between this and Up. Up gets points for story and for being universal. But Mr Fox gets points for being daring and just so... stylish. A tough call.

Matt Sephton , 30th Oct 2009