Don't Worry About Me

Don't Worry About Me review

Turning to directing, actor David Morrissey does a decent job with a drama about an encounter between two lost souls in his home town of Liverpool.

Helen Elizabeth’s first acting performance is commendable but her co-star, James Brough, another first-timer, is less convincing, playing gormless to perfection but emotions with less aplomb. As writers of the film and with an obvious attachment to it, the angle might have been attractive but I’m not convinced it was the best option and professional actors could have added another dimension.

Morrissey clearly loves Liverpool but, as interesting as some of the city’s sights are, they tend to get in the way of the story instead of support it as the characters too often talk about them in tourist board detail. There’s a nice enough story, though, and, the Liverpoolaphilia aside, it is nicely rounded and well told. In many ways it is a welcome change to the more prevalent grittier feel-bad Brit flicks and will surely prove to be a popular movie. When it hits TV screens.

Showing at the London Film Festival on 24th, 26th, and 29th October.

3 out of 5

13th Oct 2009 | On IMDb