The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker review

The Hurt Locker is, essentially, a series of short stories, counting events of an American bomb squad in Iraq over the period of four weeks, strung together by a developing relationship with a new team member and an “I hate war, but I love war” theme.

This theme is tiresome, whether it’s explicitly taken as relating to war or as symbolising something more general, but the film is entertaining nonetheless. There are a few drawn out, dull moments but they are outnumbered by edge-of-your seat moments, especially when bomb defusing is involved. Bombs are pretty exciting. On screen, at least.

Jeremy Renner does a fine job in the lead role, although there is too much, noticeable, effort to make him a complex character. This is as much down to the script and the direction, but it is a small complaint; neither are bad by any stretch of the imagination. The supporting cast is also commendable and cameos from Guy Pearce, Ralph Fiennes and Evangeline Lilly spice things up further.

3 out of 5

1st Sep 2009 | Official site | On IMDb