Jetsam review

Low budgets may well be all the rage but for the makers of Jetsam to spend under £3,000 on their film is just showing off. It makes Moon look downright opulent.

And it’s not half bad. There’s an intriguing, twisting story, it is technically proficient and especially impressive, considering the budgetary constraints, locations are used really well and the actors are convincing enough.

It is seriously rough around the edges, though, perhaps as you should expect. Technical limitations aside, the filmmakers set themselves a difficult challenge with a complex story and it doesn’t always hit the mark. One of its strongest aspects is also its weakest—the script, although clever, gets a little confusing at times and throws up some peculiar, sometimes bordering-on daft, moments.

Jetsam is flawed but appreciation for its essentially zero-budget build outweighs criticisms. Now if someone could just give writer/director Simon Welsford a bit more cash money, it would be interesting to see what he’s really made of.

3 out of 5

3rd Sep 2009 | On IMDb