The Time Traveler's Wife

The Time Traveler's Wife review

Time travel tales can all too easily get bogged down in their own cleverness with convoluted, mind-bending plots developing from wild paradoxes. The Time Traveler’s Wife, however, is made for a mass, bubblegum audience, the majority of which probably wouldn’t count Timecrimes amongst their faves. That’s not a bad thing, but this is a romantic drama with a sci-fi twist, rather than the other way around. Think of it as an elaborate Disney TV movie.

It’s a really well made movie, though. There’s a nice little lightweight story that holds the attention and progresses smoothly and purposefully. For romdram doubters, the science-fiction element and the fact that it’s not overly saccharine make it more palatable than otherwise similar affairs without, I expect, annoying romantic drama fans too much.

It’s original for a mainstream movie, but perhaps not the most exciting, most oomph-infused film for those who want something a little more challenging. An easy film to recommend to most friends and family, though.

4 out of 5

21st Aug 2009 | Official site | On IMDb