Moon review

Apparently, Moon was made for 53p and a bag of marbles. Impressive.

Special effects comprise miniatures lacking weight and CGI simply lacking (although not completely absent) which is noticeable but doesn’t detract. For anyone interested in filmmaking it’s downright intriguing, in fact. On this level, the super-low budget flick is unavoidably reminiscent of sci-fi films from the 70’s but the tale is darker, better performed, and ultimately more engaging than most of them, or any other sci-fi film for that matter.

Although the attention heaped on the film has primarily focussed on the super-stretching of the microscopic budget, it’s worth mentioning that Sam Rockwell can be spotted sneakily slipping in a stunning performance–his very best to date and one of the most enjoyable acting performances of the year so far.

There are a few pacing peculiarities but it is hard to find significant fault with the film. A deeply original, atmospheric film inventively and stubbornly made, the British film industry would do well to continue making more films like Moon.

5 out of 5

31st Jul 2009 | Official site | On IMDb


I agree, it's easy to get past the Gerry Anderson style special FX because of such an intriguing story and a towering performance by Rockwell. It lived up to the hype.

Reminded me a lot of Solaris (both versions).

Darren, 26th Aug 2009