Doghouse review

Seriously, the British film industry is embarrassing. Zombie-flick Doghouse is right up there with The Boat That Rocked. Different style, but the same class.

I think I knew the guy who wrote this. He sat next to me in class, and it was for a week-long end-of-year project. It was “really cool” and “really funny;” everything a hyperactive teenager thinks is absolutely brilliant.

Joining the “it’s not really sexist” message, other noteworthy aspects are the fuck-continuity “atmospheric” lighting and the questionable effects, but let’s forgive them for the low budget. The acting, maybe, is good, although it’s hard to tell; the cast aren’t given much to work with.

I can only imagine that in the current cash-strapped climate, films like this have been built on a carefully devised commercial formula to hit the right buttons in a very specific target market. If that’s the case, then fair enough; however depressing it was to hear the audience chuckle along to the cheapest of jokes, it clearly does work on a base level. Eat my brains now.

1 out of 5

1st Jul 2009