Bruno review

Sacha Baron Cohen’s got balls. Big balls. That’s the key, and always has been, from Ali G to Borat to BrĂ¼no. His unflinching, uncompromising approach both to drama and especially in real-life situations has lead to some unique, hilarious moments that are sometimes brilliantly disguised to highlight the worst of the human condition.

There’s not a lot that can be said about his latest venture; everyone surely know what they’re getting by now. It’s very much like Borat; forget the story; there is one but it’s daft and exists only to hold the sketches and interviews together. Amongst many cheap gags are some staggering moments (are those interviews with the parents genuine?!) and truly side-splitting moments.

As a movie, it’s not brilliant, really, and the film snob in me is tempted to give it a 3/5. But although it’s still rough around the edges, it is a very enjoyable, very funny piece of entertainment.

4 out of 5

3rd Jul 2009