Best films of the past 6 months

We’re at the half-way point of the year and these are my picks for the best films so far:

  1. Slumdog Millionaire
  2. Gran Torino
  3. Star Trek
  4. Revolutionary Road
  5. Timecrimes
  6. Let The Right One In
  7. The Good, The Bad, The Weird
  8. Rachel Getting Married
  9. The Reader
  10. Coraline

2nd Jul 2009


My auto-generated "best movies released this year" isn't the best indication of those I've seen in the cinema this year, because movies like Slumdog Millionaire were 'released/made' last year, so don't appear on the list. Alternatively,my "best movies watched this year" includes everything, so doesn't help compare against your list either.

Here are some thoughts though; I thought Gran Torino was good, but not great. The acting along with the relatively simple storyline let it down (not that simple storylines can't make great movies).

I would probably have to agree with Slumdog being top, then either Star Trek or Doubt in second. I had a great night with Doubt, Revolutionary Road and Milk which were all really good movies, so they would all be in there. The Reader was also good, but I can't really remember the specifics of why now – need to watch it again.

I really liked Let the Right One In, and would probably put it above Timecrimes, but I haven't been recommending both to friends.

State of Play and Duplicity both surprised me. The Damned United was also quite good, and so was Drag Me To Hell. Terminator Salvation was quite good blockbuster action-wise.

Rachel Getting Married was quite good, and I would probably watch it again. The dishwasher realisation scene was very memorable.

I have not seen The Good, The Bad, the Weird. And I thought Coraline was OK, but nothing special. A few nice techniques but overall a little disappointing – maybe it's not my time of movie and I'm OK with that.

I am already placing Up as my best movie of the year, and I just hope it can live up to my expectations!

trovster, 2nd Jul 2009