Best films of the next 6 months?

Six months down, six to go. Here are the year’s forthcoming movies that I’m most eagerly anticipating, in order, naturally:

  1. Moon (Sam Rockwell in old-school style sci-fi). Coming this month.
  2. Cold Souls (Paul Giamatti, Charlie Kaufman-esque madness). As yet no release date.
  3. Shutter Island (interesting Scorsese project). Coming October.
  4. 9 (Impressive-looking sci-fi animation). Coming September.
  5. Avatar (nutso-budget James Cameron epic). Coming December.
  6. Up (well received latest from Pixar). Coming October.
  7. Where The Wild Things Are (Spike Jonze directs Maurice Sendak classic). Coming December.
  8. A Serious Man (Coen Brothers). Coming October, hopefully.
  9. Away We Go (Sam Mendes comedy). Coming September.
  10. G-Force (guinea pigs save the world. YEAH, baby). Coming this month. Can’t wait!

2nd Jul 2009


I didn't know about the new Coen Brothers movie and G-Force, ah-come on!

9 looks really interesting, but I'd probably move Up and Avatar a little higher up the list (seriously, we've got to wait until October for Up?!). Cold Souls looks interesting and I love me some Charlie Kaufman-esque madness! Moon too looks like a really interesting low-budget sci-fi.

I'm looking forward to District 9 and I really want to see The Hurt Locker and Cormac McCarthy novel adaptation The Road. Other movies I'm keeping an eye on are (500) Days of Summer, Richard Kelly's new move The Box and Surrogates.

trovster, 2nd Jul 2009

The anticipation for Avatar may well increase once some clips are released. At the moment I'm still a little suspicious that with such a mad budget it could be an OTT mess.

District 9 is a definite one to go see, but it looks like it could be too heavily banking on its interesting concept and actually turn out to be little more than an average film. It reminds me of Cloverfield.

The Road seems to have gone through development hell (it was due for release ages ago), so it could be messy but, again, I agree; it's definitely intriguing.

Richard Kelly's last movie was disappointing and Surrogates looks a little too commercial first, story later. You never know, though.

The Hurt Locker looks good; I've not come across that one before.

Patrick Griffiths, 2nd Jul 2009