Terminator Salvation review

As fun as a series of action sequences loosely strung together is, Terminator Salvation, the fourth film in the franchise, lacks the intelligent storytelling and genuine suspense present in the first two instalments (let’s just pretend the third film never happened). It is, perhaps, what we should expect from a director with McG’s history, most notably with the very similar heavy on action, light on plot Charlie’s Angels films. And from a director who calls himself McG.

Christian Bale as John Connor is solid but unremarkable in quite a dull role. In other words, it’s not his fault. The more interesting character, Markus, that Bale was initially approached to play (it’s a shame he didn’t, really), is admirably played by Sam Worthington, who’s due to make an even bigger impact later this year in Avatar, coincidentally (?) directed by Terminator creator James Cameron.

The much talked about Arnie “cameo” sums up the film in many ways; it’s a spectacle but, with the quietly implied (read badly directed) importance of the introduction of the “T-800”, it doesn’t have half the impact it should.

3 out of 5

6th Jun 2009


Terminator Salvation is a very good movie. It is obvious that even without Schwarzenegger the movie can be good. The action scenes are top-notch.

Introspective, 2nd Aug 2009