Monsters vs. Aliens review

The tale of a Dreamworks release is getting a little predictable. It will invariably be good but then Pixar will roll in to town a few months later and blow it out of the water.

The frequent comparisons to Pixar must be frustrating and it’s reasonable to wonder why Dreamworks don’t alter their formula a little. But when the likes of Kung-Fu Panda (a good film) out-grosses the likes of Wall-E (a better film) there is perhaps little motivation to do anything different. They’ve got a formula that works commercially, at least.

So, as it is, there’s not much to say about Monsters vs. Aliens. It’s a fun film for kids. And with such a mouth-watering concept (it’s only missing dinosaurs really, isn’t it?), the film pretty much writes itself. Stand-out moments include the Godzilla-style giant monster battle over the Golden Gate Bridge and pretty much every scene that Seth Rogen lends his magic touch to.

All in all, Monsters vs. Aliens is good. But Pixar’s Up will be better.

3 out of 5

11th Apr 2009