Cherry Blossoms review

Cherry Blossoms is a moving drama about the undying love between an ageing German couple who, for different but interconnecting reasons, are drawn to Japan.

The film drags in places and it is hard to see (or believe) where the strained relationship between the couple and their adult children comes from and what it lends to the story. It is, though, believable and absorbing with fine acting performances and delicate direction that concentrates more on pacing and interactions than fancy camera shots.

On the husband’s arrival in Japan, and especially once he meets his young spiritual mentor, the film turns a corner and from a good film emerges an exceptional one. Single-mindedly lead by his heart, his journey is incredibly touching. It reduced me to a weeping wreck, in fact, and any film that is powerful enough to provoke such emotional reactions can only be highly commended.

4 out of 5

6th Apr 2009