Surveillance review

Fifteen years since her infamous debut Boxing Helena, Jennifer Lynch, daughter of David (who is also executive producer on this film), returns with a long awaited, if not highly anticipated, follow-up.

Lynch Senior’s trademarks are all over the place, from themes to cinematography to the peculiar actor choices but although most of the characters are at least mildly insane, this is a more traditional, straightforward violent thriller than many of the surreal films he is famous for.

Surveillance is awkward, frequently unconvincing and sometimes just a little bit silly and it is hard to shake the feeling that various aspects could have been executed differently for a more compelling result. It is, however, an ambitious film with some good ideas and enjoyable moments. If only they were moulded a slightly different way…

The most common word on people’s lips immediately proceeding a viewing of Surveillance will be “predictable,” which is particularly unfortunate (although, of course, not uncommon) for a thriller. Perhaps if the events that transpire were made evident from the get-go, a similar but different Surveillance could have been more taut and more enjoyable.

2 out of 5

2nd Mar 2009