Flame & Citron review

A WWII drama based on actual events about the Danish resistance might sound a tad niche, even pretentious, to a British audience, but Flame & Citron is an enjoyable film with lots of action and is quite accessible by a mainstream audience.

It is, in fact, difficult to figure out what the intentions of the producers were; is this supposed to be a mass-market film, or an arthouse film? It falls somewhere in the middle and perhaps that’s the problem because although it is undeniably good, it isn’t exceptional in either respect. It is at least very interesting to learn a bit about Denmark’s role in the war and the exploits of two of their real-life “super-heroes.”

A slight problem for me was that I couldn’t shake the feeling that lead actor Thure Lindhardt and My Family’s Kris Marshall must have been separated at birth. This isn’t a slur against either actor, just that I was expecting Flame to extol the virtues of a BT Homehub more often than shoot a Nazi informant in the head.

3 out of 5

4th Mar 2009